We won~!

Seems like we won the jam with this game :) Thanks to everyone who participated and eevee for organizing this awesome jam.

There’s a new version up that contains a reworked mini-game. It should let you focus more on the important part and less on some tedious rhythm-game wannabe. The Marionette’s scene has also been improved with a few new images (more artwork variations to better depict what’s happening, nothing major).


Yu Crossing Animals 79 MB
Version 6 Mar 12, 2020
Yu Crossing Animals 79 MB
Version 6 Mar 12, 2020
Yu Crossing Animals 92 MB
Version 8 Mar 12, 2020

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I can't get the 6th scene

Omg I finished everything but the last scene now im stuck lol, any tips?


Maybe Marionette’s second scene? You need to talk to Mona again and buy stuff. Seems like someone (maybe me?) should write a guide ^^

for some reason whenever I try and go back to her it just starts from the last scene when I got the bat hair 

Huzzah!! Congrats! :D


The Jam release was an absolute treasure to play. I hope to see your game continue to grow well past the scope of the competition. Mona's scenes set the quality bar really freaking high for me and I'd love to see what you can come up with to outshine them.

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Well, if you can access all the memories in the Yu’s house you’ve seen everything that’s in the game at the moment. The copper chain is redundant and might be used in future.

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You’re probably missing the second Marionette’s scene. Hint: Trash bins.

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