Version 1.2 is out!

Hey everyone! I’ve finally managed to roll out an update. This one is a bit larger than the previous bug-fixing ones. It contains a new part of the town and also a new scene (not as flashy as the previous ones and mostly text-based, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyways). It’s been in the beta for a while so I hope all the possible issues have been fixed. Your old save should work with this.

Also, there’s two new languages supported: Spanish (thanks to Nyep) and Simplified Chinese (thanks to EvilOctopus) - sorry it took so long guys, your work will now hopefully be appreciated ^^

For people with performance issues, try the Lightweight Mode (for now it disables the rain, which consumes most of the CPU performance). If that helps I’ll look into a particle replacement for those playing on weaker phones.

The Windows 64 bit build will be updated shortly.

There’s now an art pack available for those who want to say thanks and support us - it contains all the room backgrounds from the game.



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Jan 25, 2021

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im still a bit confused of what to do with the pool once fixed but the update is very nice!


I'm playing on the browser version of the game and can't open the bag that you get from Mona, I tried restarting my save and it still didn't work.

Made a quick hotfix fixing this - thanks for the report <3