Portugese (Br.) Translation + Mobile support for HTML5

Hey! The game is now available in Brazilian Portugese (many thanks to Logan for that). You can select the language in the main menu (I know the box is kinda small and hard to hit on mobiles). Anyway, I added a few improvements to the HTML5 version that should make it possible to play on mobiles (yay!). There is a big circle in the bottom right corner that serves as an interact button (same as pressing “E” on a keyboard). Holding this button for 2 seconds opens the menu and pauses the game. Everything should react to touch as expected (item menus having the same problem I mentioned before - this is being worked on).

We’re getting a lot of plays every day so I hope this update brings the game to even more people.

Also, if anyone is interested in translating the game to their language, just let me know on our Discord (link in the game description).

PS: This update is only for HTML5 version! The standalone builds are coming soon.

Thanks for playing!~


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Oct 13, 2020

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