Steam Release (with New Content)!!

Hey beasts,

we’ll be releasing on Steam soon, so check it out and add it to your wishlist, so you know when the game releases.

The Steam release contains several bug fixes, a new logo and, best of all, a fully voiced Yu! Dorn [@DornVa] did an amazing job, so definitely give it another go even if you already played the game - it’s worth it (and it’s still free).

This release is made possible thanks to ShadyCorner - they’ve been a great help and make, publish and review other lewd games, so check out their stuff too.

See you soon on Steam :)

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This game is amazing, I was wondering what is the blocker for new content? Money? time? new game? day job? life? This is really a great start to a fun game :)


I've been combing through the map and seem to have completed all the character quests but even after clicking on almost every house and trashcan I can't seem to find what I need to fix the hose at the back of the abandoned house. Could I get some help? I currently have the butplug, the Golden chain, and the pool note I that helps.


Snail girl should have sold you a wrench 

how to offer shiny?

Will we get the latest version on here at some point? Thank you! <3

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NOOOO im in germany so i cant see it noooo...


*edit: fing/ get/ wishlist it

will the game be finished?

The game is considered finished as it is now, but the Steam version will include the extra content that was mentioned in the post.

any plans for a future game thats nsfw, with this level of quality? if so any patreon or subscribestar so i can support?

Not for now, but there will most likely be an option to support us soon enough. Thanks for the interest :)


Will the Steam Version be released here or somewhere else at some point as well?
Sadly it's blocked on Steam for purchase in Germany.

it says it will be out soon it might just be that its not out yet

Hello, for now I can’t see other solution other than using VPN to access the game via Steam. Hope that works for you.


Hi, I’ll look into other possibilities of delivering the new version to the German fans.

Any news on that?

Also it seems getting a proper USK rating will get the game visible on the German Steam Store, but that costs a bit.

More horni time soon.