About Future Updates

Hello! There seems to be a looming expectation of something new being added to the game, and I get asked about this a lot, so I’d like to make things clear :) As this is a month-long gamejam game, so the scope (and price - it’s free) is proportional to that fact, and while I’d love to continue working on it, the rest of the team went their separate ways right after the jam ended. I added the pool scene with some assets I still had, but there will be no more scenes added to the game.

There will be content added, though, such as new languages and something else, which will be announced in a separate post soon.

I will, however, continue to work on NSFW games in future and you can expect something new from me, sooner or later. About the optional donations - these are treated as tips, a token of gratitude in case you enjoyed the game and can afford to throw a few dollars at us ^^’

I’d like to give our big thanks to people who tipped us, but also to everyone who played the game and enjoyed it! And a super-big thanks to the people who commented with their praise and feedback - it’s precious to me and keeps me want to make more games for you guys!


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Can't wait to see what other games you make!! The team did an amazing job on this game. <3


Honestly, the was very pleasing to play, im looking forward to seeing you on different games. ^^