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como consigo tantas monedas etoi tradado hay

is the new content on the download as well?


Nope, Steam only.

Patreon to fund new content?


this game is amazing, as a dude looking for m/m content, its rare for me to find a gem of f/f, now need to find a male version uwu or of similar mechanics


i agree with this guy over here

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It is a fun game and I would rate it 4/5 stars generally. Maybe a tad below that.

First, the positive. The art style is unique and interesting and the characters are the same. Their design is a mix of aninmals and the like, giving it a nice fantasy vibe. The atmosphere of the small village is mysterious and interesting, albeit the houses are pretty much all the same. The door window is a good mechanic though, as the soft pink glow shows where you can enter. The grass moves in a rustling effect of sorts and the trees let you see your silhouette while behind them. Nice effects that enhance the experience. A good detail, albeit there are details missing in some parts.

This brings us to the bad. Or let's just say critique points that would be lovely if they were improved upon. The missing details I am talking about are the sex scenes. Lovely art, albeit very very little of it. They do not really illustrate scenes that well, with a body pressing into a tail or Mona cumming into lovely Yu's mouth without being shown. There is also text about slime from our lovely snail weirdo Mona in her shell, without any hint of it being seen in the pictures, which is a big pity. Give me my proper snail action, dammit! xD The worm-tentacle scene isn't illustrated yet and I have yet to see what happens with the egg after I wait for a few days. I sincerely hope this is a work-in-progress game, but am unsure about it, since it might have been a year since I played it last time and back then, there was no worm/tentacle scene in there too.

The walking mechanic is a bit annoying. Not to say the plug is a bad idea. Quite the opposite in fact. Yu only is squirting so fast that its effects are minimal. Girl should hold out longer if you ask me! xD Her enduring it longer would help with it being more useful as well as possibly an option to keep the plug in. I gave up using the plug very early because it wasn't that practical. Another important mechanic is the whole searching of trash cans and the like. I didn't know I could do it and only stumbled on it by pure accident. Having the E illustration show when one is near them would be best to solve that problem. It is problematic if the player has no idea that trash cans can be searched. The last stretch of the game with the worm/tentacle is harder to find and could use some hints from the mayor. He is definitely underused and could serve to give more hints to several things. For example, who the coin purse belongs to or what to do with snail slime vials! xD (Looking for advice on that one.)

Anyway, that is my review about the game. Lots of good stuff, but also some things that could definitely use tweaking. The lack of art in scenes is the biggest problem with it to note it down once again. In any case a solid game that I recommend regardless and I respect the creativity of the character designs and the design in general. =3

Edit: I am wondering why one cannot rest at home to pass time as well. It is a bit frustrating to always have to do the Marionette minigame to be able to return home. Not sure if it is necessary to be blocked to go home. For now it looks more like a bit of a hindrance. Just as another critique point.


i love this game. character who have of age looks like 10 years old little girl.


excuse me what???



I loved the scenes, I would also like to buy the art pack, 
but 5 bucks is like 40 in my country's currency. 
keep up the good work.

you should add a option to change keys. Because some people like different ieys


Yeah, I was thinking about that, but it’d be a lot of work to also make UI for it. Maybe just a config file people can edit would be enough.

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Gosh, this is so cute… I wish the new version was here on itch – I’m German, so Steam blocks lewd games…

unrelated but I have such a huge crush on Yu now.

Welcome to the Yu crush club then :) The steam access for German users is still being discussed, we don’t have a final decision yet - I’ll let you know as soon as we come up with something.

Thanks! <3

Deleted 262 days ago

this is really cute! i wish i could have the scene again with Xavielle. I know i can see the images at home but their dialogue was really nice.


Happy to hear that you'll soon publish this game on Steam, too. But please be so kind to put the new version on Itch as well.

I ask this because since around 12/20/2020 Valve blocks almost everything that's NSFW in Germany (They are really going nuts!). Right now, if you publish something exclusively on Steam, no one from Germany will be able to buy or even see it for the time being.


One solution would also be to sell Steam keys (on itch for example), one can still use those in Germany to get explicit games.

When I try to run the game on my iPhone browser it keeps me on a green screen loading forever

In the house there is one scene at the bottom that is ??? is it unlockable? I have been trying to figure it out.


its not unlockable ^^ theres a house in the woods north, you can get there over the bridge, go in there and theres a big pool. you have to do some puzzles to get the scene there, but you can find a guide if you go to one of the plants and interact with it, itll give you a piece of paper with instructions. i hope this helps ^^

where is the water valve


top right of the building on the outside, the interact button will appear when you go next to it (its not visible so just walk up the side of the building until you get the interact button)

I just spent 3 hours to unlock it then I see this :') Should've just gone to the comment section

just did it but the scene is still ???



theres a second part to the scene, make sure to return to the area~


Пожалуйста добавьте Русский язык! Мне нравится ваша игра, но я не понимаю английский. Надеюсь на следующие версии. Иногда не понятно что говорят персонажи. Я даже застрял на одном месте и не знаю что делать дальше(

¿Qué debo hacer después de que el gusano, me gustaría que sea en español el juego 😥😥


Para tenerlo en español debes ir a la parte de  "development log" y seleccionar "spanish language added" justo en esta página y descargar ese archivo.



What should I do after the Worm 😢😢


Wait for our next game, I guess ;)

ig we have to wait for now

This game is absolutely beautiful, I sometimes open the game just to hear the soundtrack. Do you have any plans to release the game for Android or to add compatibility to Android browsers? I tried to open it through Chrome for Android and after a long wait it just gives me the 'failed loading index.pck' error. I also have a friend of mine that wanted to play the game too but he does not own a PC. Again, adding support to mobile play would be great!


Hello, thanks for your kind words - we’re very happy people enjoy the game as much as we do. I will look into the Android version, because it’s been requested a couple of times - can’t promise anything though.

This reminded me how satisfying and just fun a good adventure game is! And the art and writing is great! Sexy and fun stuff!

Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android?

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I wanted to ask for a couple hints. What can I use the lost pouch and the snail juice for?

Also, I have two issues to report:
1. When I play the downloadable version 1.2.1, the snail woman's first button reads "Not all arguments converted during spring formatting."
I am still able to buy the first item from her and watch her first scene. However, I'm not able to buy a wrench even with 3000 coins.

2. When trying to buy the bat hair in either version, the conversation goes like
"Oh. Still pretty expensive."
But then the button to actually buy the bat hair is 5000, not 500. This is not only misleading but it forces 3-4 days spent doing nothing but grinding. D:


Hello, regarding the first question, there’s a bug that will be fixed that causes the message. However, I’m not sure why you can’t buy the wrench. Is there a way for you to share the save files with me? You can message me on Discord (brendor#6975). Regarding #2: she actually says Fifty, not Five. So Fifty hundred makes it 5000 - I know it’s pretty grindy, but you can speed it up by doing the minigame optimally and stealing the money from the purse :)


Just finished this and got everything and I have to say this is seriously amazing! I love it so much, I'd play a full length version of this in a heart beat its so cute and seriously hot too!~


micro managing the sprint is not fun...

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I did not even know you could sprint would have saved me 15 minutes of going between my house and T


This is pretty good.... I think Yu walk a tad too slow for my taste tho..... The Art is really cute and the writing isn't bad, it's no masterclass in flowery descriptions but it's pretty good, helps fill in the blanks for the sex scenes. The scenes are pretty nice but could use more art maybe like cumshots with Mona and Xav.... And the Breeding worms had no art tied to them at all sadly....

I'm gonna chalk most of that up to being an imcomplete Demo. (I only played it in browser as of this comment) I imagine that with more art in the sex scenes and more inhabitants to interact with you've got a good base for something pretty sweet. Good Job :)


For those still having trouble, a quick guide:

Scene #1 (Marionette first time) visit Marionette. Simple enough.

Scene #2 ( Marionette Threesome) Look in Marionette's trash for a broken part, combine with one of the parts in the bag you bought from Mona. Give working part to Marionette and wait a day, then come back.

Scene #3 (Mona First Sale) Keep Grinding the Marionette minigame until you can buy the first item from Mona.

Scene #4 (Mona Second Sale) Keep Grinding the Marionette minigame until you can buy the second item from Mona.

Scene #5 (Xavielle's Ritual) After buying the second item from Mona, give Xavielle the pebbles and the vial of bat hair.

Scene #6 (Breeding Worms) In the northern section across the bridge, go to the house to the west. Find a note in one of the pots, then interact with the fish statue. When that fails, go around outside to the back of the house and turn the valve. The valve will break. Keep Grinding the Marionette minigame until you can buy the third item from Mona, a wrench. Fix the valve, then press the button on the statue again. Wait a day and come back, then use the chain on the pool. Then go for a swim. After the scene, wait a few days (a week?) and come back after Yu says it's time to go back (you'll see some new dialogue when you go back home). Swim again, and the option will pop back home.

Drawing #1 In a trash can outside one of the southern houses.

Drawing #2 Interact with the green glowing plant in the south-east corner.


Hey, thanks a lot for taking your time to write down a guide. Are you ok with me posting this on our discord for all the stuck people? :) Or you can join and post it yourself, I’ll pin it.


Sure! I'll post it in the Discord for you. Feel free to do what you like with it from there!

what pots?

I've tried grinding the T but I'm not getting any coins.

This keeps happening when it finishes loading.

I love this game! Quite frankly, this has to be my favorite game from, and I look forward to seeing more development in the near future!

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this style of art is so so so cute! I love the characters!


I love this game! XD Is there any tips on the robotic scene to better the uh reward?

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There's a spot where players will get permanently stuck in the house where you have to search for a non-existent valve.

Walk up against the plant on the right of the pool, the left bottom corner of it, and you get stuck in a way that prevents you from moving ever again and you have to exit to fix it losing unsaved progress.

Can't share screenshot, site won't let me.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I’m looking into the stuck issue and also, I’d like to make finding the right stuff easier and more obvious. The point was to make people explore, not frustrate them - hope I can get there.


If you want more feedback,

I'd prefer having some sort of sprint key instead of using the vibrator as a method of speed boost. its a little silly and a bit annoying to have to deal with the slowdown effect at the end. I'd save that vibrator for some other scene like using it with a partner or some such.

Also when do we get to have sex with the mayor? :| Under the desk fun stuff. :O :O

You can unplug early to avoid that slowdown :) About the Mayor, please check the devlog about info on the new content.

Ah yea, I remember that now. Shame though. I woke up today with the idea of having a random plant in the game snatch you with its vines and initiate a sex scene with a plant, when you walk over it unsuspectingly that I was gonna suggest. Ah well.

As for the scenes in the game, I think there should be a menu item that lets you access unlocked scenes without any sort of text in the way, like a gallery, on the main menu before loading the game. Instead of only seeing those things at the save point.

By the way, whats this "lightweight" mode on the main screen?

I just loaded the game up again to confirm  the main menu thing since I had loaded up 4 games that day trying them all. :P Another suggestion in the programming side, would be menu options for adjusting volume for different things. Music, Sound Effects, Moaning/Sexual Noises.

In my case, I'd like to set the music to 50%, Sounds to 70%, Moaning/Sex  sounds to 10%. Instead there's only a mute button to mute all sounds.


Does anyone know how to unlock the 6th scene, ive been looking around forever now and i have no idea what im doing


Would be nice if the dev could actually give some hints instead of replying to comments regarding every single thing other than that. 

I have the coins and the slime and I've also finished the pool but I don't know if the pool segment is technically a 6th scene... Would really like some help as well.


it probably is, and it's just bugged and doesn't get added to the memories, it kinda makes since I guess


how did you finish the pool? I can't seem to find the valve

It's been so long since i played this game lol I can't even remember. Pretty sure I just went through many days getting money off the robot and got something from the snail. Also there are a few items hidden around the map that you need for the pool, and one of them I had to give to the mechanic, after a few days she gave me something back.

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I love this game

I played it last year and it was awesome, I come back to see that it has an update!

First of all, thank you thank you thank you for now giving more than 500 coins per "dino ride", it made the grind much more enjoyable!
I really appreciate that you added a little "hint" for finding the second drawing.

Yu's new face expressions are heartwarming!

It took me a long time to find the new scene (omg I felt so dumb when I found out what the shiny thing was x3) but it was really interesting! 

If anyone out there is still having trouble finding it, try reading the descriptions for the items you already have ;3


The descriptions on the items don't help at all. The only item with a description is the chain, which says it can necklace, pendant, or be a gift. The note just says its a note. The gold coil just says shiny gold coil. The butt plug just says its vibrating.

The note tells me to look for a valve, I've clicked E on everything inside the house, there's no valve, anywhere. Its a little boring honestly. Not very fun when there's no way to find what you are missing and none of the towns people are helpful. I tried to give each item to each person that allows me to click give on, and nothing. I've talked to just about everyone, clicked E on every door. I'm not gonna click E on every tree, rock, and river segment.

It's at the back of the house


im still stuck with 5/6 scenes and got nothing else to do :[ i already went to the pool, had the 2 scenes with mari and mona, and 1 with xavielle, i already go to the mayor but he keeps saying i got to look around, can anyone help?

for those stuggling: spoiler alert-ish

i have 5/6, looking for a valve

If you're still stuck, try to go to Mona

thx for the tip, wish i could go for a second dip. maybe the art for it is still in progress! :D


Im playing it on my phone and its a little laggy ans i can't get the right order dor the robot

How do you get it to work on iPhone it keeps me on a green screen




This game is amazing, the art, the ambiance and the sounds are just perfect, i'm also happy that there is translation for PT-BR in almost all the game.
Unlike other comments that i make, here i can't complain about anything, at least for me, this game is just perfect.
Congrats for everyone who made it, i'm really happy i could play it.
Ten out of ten.

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The part where you have to get the gems for the Xavielle is extremely frustrating. It just doesn't make any sense because I could not find any gems anywhere, neither was the Mona slug even selling any. All she was doing was the sleeping scene every time I would talk to her which I felt like I was stuck in some sort of game bug and not getting anywhere. I was even trying to search everywhere just to find that the gems seem to not even exist. It was pretty disappointing to say the least, and so I just decided to call it quits and delete the game after many annoying failed attempts to even get anywhere.

Not sure if there is a guide for the game. Some people find it right away, some don’t. It’d be nice if someone made a guide :D Anyway, I believe the gems are in the bag Mona gives you at some point. I suggest you generally try to examine and combine stuff you get in every game in this genre.

you have to keep paying the slug to get the gem she will give you a bag and you have to open it and the gem will be in there also you have to pay her a agen if you wont to get the bat hair to get more money you can sleep at your house than go to marionette house and have sex with the robot you can onley have sex with the robot onece a day you can make lots of money from marionette by doing this just go back anf froth and you will gets lots of money.

umm dude the shiny stuff is the thing you need to use to give xavielle

what is the shiny stuff tho


Man it clearly said that all you need is the bat hair you yackbrain

(1 edit)

I can't get the 6th scene and I feel it's a bug, I go to Xavielle and she greets me say's that she's happy to see me and then stops talking


After some rummaging through the game's files I failed to spot any assets that could be used for a 6th scene so maybe it's a coding fuckup and there was never meant to be one

Xavielle has nothing to do with the 6th scene.

The 6th scene uses different assets, it doesn’t have a full screen background. Try searching in the newly added area.

I can't figure out how to access the 5th scene

(LOVE the game by the way!)


To who i give the vial of snail slime?


how to get the 6th scene? i have the 2 with moona and the 2 with mari and 1 with x but i still have one ??? left



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