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it loads then it just is a geeen screen

same thing here

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Is the download version not the same as the browser one? I downloaded the windows 64 bit version after playing on the browser for a bit (It was a little choppy in the browser). The download does not have a bridge across the river and I also always get 500 coins from Marionette no matter what I score in the minigame.

EDIT: I see in the 1.2 update post it says the 64 bit version will be uploaded soon.

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This should be fixed now, please try again :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for the report, it is indeed a bug.

hey whats the shiny thing it is refering to and who do i give it to?

when is the next update?

What program use to make art/sprites for the game?

Procreate on iPad Pro I think.

thanks n.n

is there a game like this but not 18+

Plenty. Just look for tags such as Isometric (or Top Down) Adventure.

You know Godot allows you to embed the game package into the application file right?

I’m aware of that. What about it? I’m focusing on HTML5 now. Embedding the file just makes one large executable which I don’t like that much. Not sure if the whole file is loaded into memory or not if it’s embedded, but anyway I generally prefer games being split into smaller files. Makes modding and stuff easier.

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I have some problems, at open the game, the windows positions are negatives, too lag in 1.6 ghz, RAMs are highs

can improve a configuration for pc´s poors (enable all VRAMs and fallbacks for select perforance) or a options disabling effects and details? (can no enjoy the game perfectly but improves much gamers play´s without super pc´s)

The new build (which is available as a beta - see the link in our discord) has a lightweight option which disables the rain (probably the most CPU-intensive part of the game).

can put that version here? (and what software use for graphics? look´s great)

I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying all of your games, especially this one, and that I appreciate all the effort that you put into making them. I hope life is treating you well, that you are doing well, and that you are staying safe. Happy New Year, lets hope this year will be a good one.

Thanks Savage, sorry for forgetting to reply earlier - I appreciate your support and hopefully deliver more stuff this year (or at least some stuff ^^’)

世界観が好き 続きはないんのですか?






ただし、まもなくアップデートがあります。 新しい短編小説があります。 よろしくお願いします!〜


i love it! please continue the game! uwu


loved the art style, I only wish it had more scenes (but that's a good thing lol, means it's a good game with good NSFW stuff) and that you could earn money in more ways than one

hey can anyone tell me how to get the second sketch/ picture or what u wanna call it and i was wondering if the will be any updates that will add new people into the game :3

Hey! I believe it was discussed somewhere here (or on our discord). I don’t want to spoil it for people who like looking for stuff themselves :D. Anyway, there is an update coming, it will add a new scene. I’ll write a DevLog about it soon.

I love this game!!! I just need one more scene but I think I'm experiencing a glitch with Mona after the scene with Xavielle. It keeps replaying the last few lines from the Mona scene and Im not able to due the last scene. I did finish the two with Mari by the way.  

Hey, would you mind sending me your saves so I can check and hopefully find out what went wrong? It’s best if you’d come to our Discord and I’ll give you more info there.

Im in the discord now but how do I send you my saves?

They’re located here:

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\Yu Crossing Animals

Can you please zip and send them to me in a private message?

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any plans to expand on the game a little

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There is a small content update coming up, join our discord (link in game description) if you’re interested in the beta.

oh hey nice music

Heyo! Lovin this game so far, but i noticed a pretty major bug while playing in the browser version. A lot of the raindrops don't seem to despawn properly, resulting in them lingering on the ground indefinitely and putting a lot of strain on the game as they accumulate. Could you look into this?

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Sure, thanks for the report.

EDIT: It doesn’t happen for me, unfortunately. Seems like it’s an engine bug. The next version will feature a “Lightweight” button, which will disable the problematic effects.

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Hey, thanks a lot. The art is not public anywhere but feel free to take screenshots while playing. Drawing a fan art of the game, by the way? :)

Such a great game! Lots of humour, cute\hot NSFW and an AMAZING art style. Would definitely visit all the other homes if I could (for a fee, of course!)

how i unlock the second scene with marionette? i did everything with the sucubus, and still cant get nothing

also, great game, beautifull art


Check the trash to the left of her house.

gday I saw something in the comments below about a discord server? But cannot find it


Does the copper chain have any use at all? Or is it there by accident? I can't seem to find anything for it.


No use at all. It was supposed to be used later in the game, but we ran out of time. :)

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Currently closed source, but I might make it open.

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so is there no more story after the succubus? because i completed the quest that the succubus gave me but the mayor says that i still have an errand to complete, am i missing something?

Yeah, you’re probably missing the second Marionette’s scene.

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I have finished everything, but the mayor still tells me i have sumthin to do...


This was super amazing. really cute art and is right to the point about being a sex game. Do you have any plans on turning this into a full title? Cause if it was long enough I'd totally pay 20+ dollars.

Hey! Thanks for the praise ^^ Currently there are no such plans, but I’d love to make another NSFW game soon. Not sure if it will be a full title… but the attention this game is getting is sure motivating. I’ll let you all know when there’s something new in the making :)

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can you update it were the story is longer in it? plz or where there is a side story?

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I think I am stuck, I can't find the gems to give to the demon girl. I have both pictures, the item from the trash outside of Marionette’s and I have two scenes for Mona. Am I missing something blatantly obvious?


The bag from Mona can be opened.


Thank you! I tried that so many times before and it never worked was, I was going around trying to inspect every leaf and rock looking for them.

Thank you again! Love the game and the beautiful art style, I hope to see more from you in the future.

No problem ;) Glad you the game and there will definitely be more from me in the future.

Oh, and another one: movement is possible with mouse or keyboard in the ESC menu. In case it's not intended.

It’s not intended. Will be fixed in the next patch.

Yu's house needs a fix of door hitbox. She can enter the house through this place somehow:


Thanks, I’ll fix it.

Is the pouch only a coin source?


Yes, it something like a cheesy moral dilemma and a way to make the grind easier. It was supposed to affect a story element but that character was never added to the game.


But what if in browser game doesn't work?

Did you try Firefox? I can make a 32 bit build for you.

I try it and nope. Doesn't work.


I’ll make a 32bit version for you next week.

Sorry, got kinda distracted by other stuff. I’ll look into the 32 bit version asap.


It’s already available.

you have only 64 bit?

Yes, but you can always play in a browser. That should be universal.

But what if in browser game doesn't work?

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i downloaded it, liked it, but i couldnt find the second drawing. I think i checked everything, got the first drawing at least. Is there a secret character, and what should i do with the string now? What am i missing?

There’s no use for the string at the moment. And the second drawing is out there. Keep looking :)

thx for replying, but i just want one thing: can you cross the river, is the 2nd drawing there somewhere?

Currently you can’t, both drawings are in the southern area

thx for the tip again, i found it! btw keep up the work! Its like really, really great!

Ive been eyeing this game for a while, and I saw that is was (kinda) compatible with phone, and thats amazing! J-just... One problem, every time I try to launch the game, an error pops up after the spinny loader thing. I know you're still ironing out all the details, just thought id let y(o)u (haha puns) know. Have a nice day!

Hey, thanks for the comment. I’m getting no errors though. What does the error say? Feel free to join our discord (info now in the game description).

The error states as follows: "Cannot read property 'getParameter' of undefined" Does it have something to do with my browser (Google) or phone type (Android/Samsung)?

It might. Can you try with Firefox?

Firefox browser sadly did not work either... Guess my phone just doesnt want it to play :/

Good game! I look forward to future updates <3

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I am on windows and when I get past the loading bar it shows this "Cannot read property 'getParameter' of undefined"

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What browser are you using? Try updating the browser and if it does not help, try a different one (on firefox, it seems to be working fine).

oddly enough firefox doesn't work on my laptop and my chrome is up to date

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Strange, Firefox not working might be a sign that something’s wrong. My guess is that you have an embedded GPU that does not work well with WebGL. Maybe check other WebGL games or if people with the same hardware experience similar WebGL problems.

EDIT: The game is still available for download, so feel free to try the standalone version.

I made Yu have sex with that demon girl and I dont know how to continue anymore...

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Well, if there’s no “???” scenes in the Yu’s house, you beat the game, there’s nothing else there for now. Otherwise, you might be missing the second Marionette’s scene.

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not all of us are on debian, you know...
(at the time of writing linux version is 2 releases behind)

Hey, I’ve been focusing on the browser version lately, which should be playable even on mobile now (touch movement support). I’ll update the standalone versions soon.

It works even on Manjaro though.

it was a (less obvious in hindsight) joke about debian having obsolete software compared to other distros, just like linux version of this game at the time


I love adult kids games turned into porn for the fans of furry art and My little pony also even I got bored with watching Dragon Tales and drew porn of it. I'll try your adult game version of Animal Crossing plus keep making more cartoon kids games into porn like maybe Yugi -oh! keep up the fantastic work !


Hello,Brender I enjoyed your game a lot  If you do a sequel to YU CROSSING ANIMALS ! It would be cool if you could have the male furry beast being fucked by that succubus goat shemale and male sex also plus have other errands like asking for their favorite porn mag that someone borrowed ect... Anyway fantasic I beat the game tonight keep up the awesome work you put in this game !

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