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right, prolly a dumb question, but will we be seeing any updates in the future?


Stumped on the Pool achievement. I'm at the pool area, I got the instructions but I do not know how to progress after.  I've been trying to look for a Valve or Spigot which is supposedly on the wall to the right of the plant. However, I don't see one! When I click "E" around the area, nothing much happens besides the usual dialog. Help! I love the art and overall storyline of the game, and I'd love to progress but I'm having trouble doing so.


the valve is behind the house on the outside, but it's broken, you need a wrench to fix it, which you get from the snail as the last item to buy

but how, i'm stuck after screwin' xavi

I'm curious, what's the record for the most amount of gold earned in one mari minigame? My personal best was just over a thousand because I got lucky and got a combo of like 60-70 I think? Also what is the most possible gold you could get in one minigame? Is there a calculation that you could run, or would we just have to experiment for months to try to find it? Also really enjoyed the game, but I'd love it if there was someone in every house or maybe a rare chance of getting a sunny day where all the houses would have people in it but only during sunny days? The sunny days thing is because the whole map seems kind of dark and dull, other than the glowing flowers, and Idk but personally I think the music doesn't match the environment, but a sunny day would match the music. For clarification, after Xavielle's ritual, Is she technically Futa or just plan male? Thanks!


I keep repeating the mari minigame but i dont get any gold. does this have to do with how good u are at the minigame or???

Yeah you need to get the rhythm right.

figured it out all you have to do is spam qwe as fast as possible lmao

Can you choose your gender


When is this going to be updated?


It’s not being worked on anymore, but Steam had an updated version (which is also free)

The  Mac version isn't working.


will there be an android version?

How long before it's updated?

is there a difference when downloading on steam and on itch? (i dont wanna switch to my steam alt when playing the game, ya know)


Hey, steam version is much more recent - there is also voice acting and some other minor features added.

Itch version isn't updated in same time with Steam version ? (It's a little annoying to hide offline in Steam when i want to play :p)
Congrat' for the quality of your games (especially the Art Direction)

for when an update for the linux version? the game feels incomplete


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I made an account just to tell ya', this Game is awesome! From the cute characters and graphics to... Well, everything

Definetly my favorite of its kind, I wish you're having an awesome day dear developers :)

Классная игра, но ещё не до конца разобралась что нужно делать :D

When will it be updated😆

Are there any eggs?🥳

I'm done with this game. it's super fun. it's fun.🦄

I love the colors used in this game... this is so beautiful ! I'm doing let's play video of adult/hentai game and I would like to check with you if it's ok to publish videos on your game ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenue from this just like any youtuber but on porn plateform ^^')

Thanks! Feel free to use the footage. It’s a free game after all.

I recommend using steam version though.

Thanks ! I will do ! ^^

Deleted 217 days ago

what am i suppost to do after i give her the bat hair

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love the game one of my favorites. hope and can't wait for new characters if you plan on adding any

It's a great game. it's designed everywhere. Support you, for updates.

Thanks a lot, I’ll let everyone know when we have something new to show :)

YES, I wish could be faster. it's so fun😍! ! ! !

This game is really good, no matter where the design is very good. The author is really hard, I like your work, I will always support you.😘

Super cute, love this game! I really wish it was available on android


really cute art and game, still havent found out how to offer shiny thing though.

In updating an author


What do worms do after tha

I really like, author I love you.❤️


CuTe, I love the game and I support you. Keep refueling, keep updating.


what software did you use to make this game? if you don't mind me asking of course! :>


Godot Engine :)


It's so cute. I like it very much. I hope it can be updated. I hope the author can see my comments. I support your author. Please continue to update your work.👍


Hey! Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I’m working on a new game with the same style and I’ll let you know when there is more info. Oh and yeah, I read all the comments here :D


I'm looking forward to when it will be updated. I like this game very much. The character is so cute❤️


I am from China🇨🇳. I like your works very much. I hope you can continue to work hard.


how to offer shiny plsss


Go to the fish shrine and give it the neckless. 


wait what what neckless? i havent gotten it yet o,o


Go to the snail bottom left :)

what fish shrine


Where are the 2 hidden items at?


Tree's lower right of the map

I found the Bondage drawing in the box under the green plant and the Cow Girl one in the trash, don't know if the other trees on the lower right are hiding anything, kinda stuck with the task to get the gems and bat hair for the demon girl

you get both from the snail bottom left, but after that i'm lost af


-Spoiler Alert- What's the pool for?


Swimming ;)


i played this for the first time around march 2020 been my favorite game ever since! :) sometimes i keep it playing in the background cause i like the soundtrack :D the artstyle and the characters are adorable!! AAAAAAAAAA!! <33

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are you guys going to add more content into the game?This is an interesting game and i hope more of it would come.


someday will have the Android version?


I hope everything in the steam version will eventually be brought to the version, really not trying to have this game in my recently played.

Update more! I want more!

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